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We help government organizations who need to improve their training and development programs by building custom-made solutions. Our training platforms are shaking the industry by providing quality resources in a way that makes managing compliance and professional development seem too easy.


Our Story

There are thousands of platforms and no one platform that supports all of your team's training & development needs. We exist to help organizations build their best people by leveraging technology to reduce training time and costs while increasing employee engagement and knowledge retention.

We build custom training platforms for government organizations by partnering with hundreds of platforms giving us thousands of expert-led training resources for our team of professional curators to tailor an experience that solves all of your problems in ONE simple to use platform.

Our vision is to support government organizations in achieving their full potential by equipping them with the best solution to grow their teams.
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Steve Price, CEO & President

LearnPort Inc.

Meet the Founder

Steve Price is the CEO and President of LearnPort Inc., a company he founded in 1999. Through his passion for helping government organizations streamline their systems and save time, he’s architected a world-class solution for training employees. Over the years he’s worked to stay current with the learning and development technologies that assist in providing top-notch training.


Outside of his 9 to 5, Steve has also had an exhilarating career as a rockstar drummer. Steve is the founding drummer for the band Pablo Cruise. He spent several years in the late 70’s and 80’s as the house drummer at the Record Plant in Sausalito CA. Earning credit on 18 Platinum albums. His hobbies are that of adventure and exploration from flying planes to overlanding, he’s an absolute outdoor enthusiast. Most importantly, Steve is a genuine person that's always quick with a smile and enjoys working with good people.

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